Subscription Relationship Management

Track and manage subscriptions throughout the customer lifecycle. Strengthen relationships, decrease churn, and increase lifetime value.

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Subscription management for the relationship economy

Your relationship with a customer extends beyond sign up and continues throughout the customer’s life. Over time, each customer builds a history of renewals, plan changes, personalized pricing, and promotional offers that you can manage through Chargify.

As your business scales, Chargify eliminates the compounding management burden by providing a centralized interface to track all subscription activity, ensuring everything is logged and nothing is lost.

Deliver a frictionless sign up experience

Customize the sign up experience to remove friction and make it easy for visitors to become customers. Chargify offers multiple ways to sign up new customers:

  • Customizable, PCI compliant Public Signup Pages that are responsive to any device type
  • Use our API to seamlessly integrate with an existing signup or shopping cart process
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Arm your team to deliver better customer service

Give your team access to a holistic view of every customer relationship. Support teams love the convenience and customers love the faster service.

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Manage Relationships

Access plan changes, billing history, current balances, renewal dates, active coupons, notes, and much more.

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Subscription Modifications

Edit customer details and billing information, change plans, and modify component quantities or price points.

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Billing Adjustments

Adjust balances, apply discounts, process refunds, and record external payments.

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Process Charges

Create one-time charges that can be processed either immediately or on the next scheduled billing cycle.

Chargify is robust and has allowed our internal business units to have more control of their membership base—all while helping automate and build efficiencies around our processes.

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Provide your customers with a self-service option

Customers can access their Billing Portal to upgrade/downgrade products, review billing history, and manage account related information. Chargify’s out-of-the-box Billing Portal is ready to use in minutes—no coding required—or build a custom solution using our API.

Communicate with your customers throughout the relationship

Automated email communication ensures that customers receive the information they need, when they need it, throughout the entire lifecycle. Highly customizable templates allow you to convey your company’s branding. Sample emails include:

  • Welcome email at signup
  • Trial ending
  • Upcoming renewal notice
  • Receipt after transaction
  • Card on file expiring
  • And more...
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Proactively monitor subscription changes and revenue movements

With Revenue Alerts, you can define thresholds for revenue changes that trigger real-time emails and in-app notifications, allowing you to keep closer tabs on high-value conversions, expansion/contraction revenue, and potential churn risks.

Improve customer experience with Proforma invoices

Preview a snapshot of your customer’s next invoice to review costs and correct mistakes before their next billing date.

Proforma Invoice