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The technology powering real-time, data-driven billing & analytics solutions

Stream is a fully managed event streaming & analytics platform offering pre-configured data infrastructure to power event-driven products

Introducing Stream by Chargify

Chargify acquired Keen, an event streaming platform, to serve as the data infrastructure for cutting-edge, event-driven products. Since the acquisition, Chargify has deeply integrated Keen’s functionality into our platform. Now, we’d like to introduce Stream by Chargify the engine that powers Events-Based Billing and Chargify Business Intelligence.

Introducing Stream by Chargify
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Become Event-Driven

Respond to actions instantly with a personalized, data-backed product experience. Imagine identifying an anomaly in a key customer's usage in real-time allowing your customer success team to respond immediately—no more waiting until the end of a billing period for a usage report.

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Create a multi-dimensional, pay-as-you-go billing model based on real-time metrics you define. From the simplicity of a single dimension to complex multi-attribute models, Events-Based Billing can handle it all. Maximize your revenue with value-based pricing. Powered by Stream.

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Chargify Business Intelligence

Get a central source of truth for your billing and revenue management data and also add important context by connecting enriched data from any source. Then, explore your data however you need by creating flexible metrics, shareable dashboards, and custom CSV exports. Powered by Stream.

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Fully-managed event streaming platform with pre-configured data streaming and analytics infrastructure accessible via API. Try the platform to build cutting-edge, event-driven products like Chargify’s Events-Based Billing and Business Intelligence.

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Event Streaming is the Backbone for Modern B2B SaaS Applications

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Turn activity into action

Move past legacy batch processing and on to real-time streaming! Capture rich data around a user or application event. Then, use this data to deliver a reactive, personalized customer experience from curation to alerting to analytics.

Start streaming in minutes

Building usable event streaming infrastructure takes months of time and requires expensive DevOps resources. Get up and running faster by using our fully-managed, pre-configured data infrastructure—stream, store, and analyze data via API.

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Uncover valuable, real-time insights

Perform flexible analysis on your data to identify relevant trends and respond to business challenges instantly. Also, create custom, embeddable dashboards with Chargify’s Data Visualization Library to present metrics internally and externally.