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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I sign up?
You will gain access to a free sandbox account that allows you to test all the features of Chargify but is limited to test transactions only. When you are ready to accept live subscriptions, you can upgrade to paid plan that fits your needs.

What is a paying customer?
A paying customer is defined as active subscribers who have paid for or owe you money for your product. For example, someone who paid you for the current month is a paying customer. Additionally, someone who owes you for the current month is a paying customer.

What is a non-paying customer?
A non-paying customer is someone who is not actively paying you. This includes customers subscribed to free products or customers currently on a free trial.

What happens if I go over the number of paying customers included in my plan?
When you go over the number of customers in your plan, an additional per customer cost is applied. This additional per customer cost varies depending upon your plan. When it makes sense to upgrade to the next plan, we will notify you to switch plans.

Do you charge transaction fees?
No, Chargify’s pricing is fixed and based on the number of paying customers your business bills. There are no additional "per transaction" or a "percentage of revenue" fees added on.

Are there payment gateway fees?
Chargify plans do not include your payment gateway and merchant account fees. The typical fee is 2.9% + .30 per transaction, but this may vary depending on your gateway and merchant account provider.

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