Chargify + Salesforce

Chargify + Salesforce

The Chargify + Salesforce integration gives your teams the tools they need to manage your unique subscription business. From product catalog to subscription previews to close and beyond, the Chargify + Salesforce integration gives you complete control.

Learn how to setup Chargify + Salesforce

Your Sales Team Can

  • View and understand all aspects of your product offering including subscriptions, ad-ons, pricing options, and available discounts.
  • Follow your specific sales process. Regardless of if you sell via quotes & previews, opportunities, or directly off the account, the intricacies of your complex sales process are handled.
  • Grow your install base by processing upgrades, selling new products or renewing the customers’ relationship.

Your Customer Support Team Can

  • View all billing information directly in Salesforce including invoices, payments and activity
  • Understand what customers have purchased, when they were billed and any changes made to their subscriptions
  • Send out PDF invoices on demand and securely process payments