SaaS Billing

Recurring Billing for Web 2.0 and SaaS companies

"At the end of the day, it's about managing that customer relationship and upselling. It's not just about getting the credit card. It's about making it easy for business owners to have all of that in motion even though they're not having to do anything."

Lance Walley
Chargify Co-Founder & CEO

SaaS billing made easy

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Your SaaS billing solution

If your business has a software as a service (SaaS) offering, you'll likely want to bill customers repeatedly, which is where SaaS billing and recurring revenue billing overlap. Your revenue-driven goal is to encourage customers to use your software solutions over time, our job is to help you do that.

As a Chargify merchant, you'll rely on our subscription management and online interface to provide your software services. Integrate with the Chargify API, and we'll handle your customers' recurring subscriptions as well as your billing needs, from one-time or recurring transactions to issuing customer refunds and credits. Chargify's SaaS billing services also include online merchant solutions such as coupons, email receipts, statements, free-trials and complex pricing possibilities.

Master subscriptions

Our automated systems simplify the subscription management process. Turn trial customers into recurring subscribers with our easy-to-use sign-up page. With one click from your website or social pages, customers are directed to a custom-branded payment page where they can register for your software product in seconds. The business management dashboard also provides effortless subscription maintenance. Everything from adding new plans, upgrading and downgrading customers, or issuing refunds and credits can be handled from one central location, within a few clicks. Our robust platform automates complex calculations, billing cycles and pricing tiers.

More than billing administration, Chargify masters subscriptions by managing every step of the customer lifecycle. Through the user self-management portal, customers take charge of account settings and have the ability to upgrade packages and services on their own. Best of all, fees or prorations are calculated automatically, making seamless growth a reality.

Track and deliver incentives

Marketing incentives, such as free trials and flat-rate discounts, attract new customers and reward loyal ones. Chargify's coupon and discount system makes it easy to set up custom pricing, giving your sales team the tools to close a deal or your marketing team the incentives to drive campaigns. Create individual or groups of coupons with a few clicks. You'll set discount parameters, including coupon duration, use limits and discount amounts. Whether it's 25% or $25 off, Chargify lets you choose your discount variables. All coupon codes are saved and tracked and can be duplicated or reactivated easily.

Conquer failed payments

Failed payments are more than just a nuisance; they can negatively impact the overall efficiency and productivity of your business. We have an automated and secure solution, so you don't fumble. Chargify handles the business inconveniences of expired or invalid credit card information, unpaid invoices and deficient bank accounts.

As you focus on marketing campaigns and boosting sales, our system will send emails about missed payments or to request updated credit card information. We will email billing invoices, collect payments and even cancel a customer's account. For example, if you have an ongoing problematic customer, we can cancel an account immediately or when that customer's current billing period ends, all on your behalf. Our job is to simplify customer lifecycle management for our merchants and dependably handle the sophisticated billing engine at the core of any business scenario.