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Grow Your Business Through Referrals

A well executed referral program has been proven to boost signups by as much as 25%. Learn how Chargify’s out of the box referral feature can help your company achieve similar results.

Incentivize and Reward Referrals

A successful referral program is a two way street:

Incentivize New Customers

Provide a discount to anyone signing up through the referral code such as 10% off for 6 months or $50 off the first month.

Reward Referring Customers

Provide an account credit for the referrer such as $25 for every new signup through the customer's referral code.

Spread the Word

Communication about your referral program is key. Once enabled, every customer will receive a unique referral code that they can distribute. Sharing referral codes and instructions can be done through various mediums:

Chargify System Emails:
Use {{subscription.referral_code}} in any Chargify system email to dynamically display your customer’s unique referral code.
Third Party Email Marketing:
You can export your customer list, with referral codes, to use email marketing services like MailChimp for communication.
In-App Messaging:
Pass referral codes to systems like Intercom and use in-app messaging to promote your referral program.

Customize the Referral Workflow

Tailor the way referral codes are redeemed to match your desired workflow:

Referral URL:
Create a unique signup URL by adding ?ref=referral_code to the end of any Chargify public signup page URL.
Enter on Sign Up:
Similar to coupon codes, referral codes can be manually entered on Chargify public sign up pages when the option is enabled.
Chargify's API:
For a completely customized solution, Chargify’s API can be used to build the desired experience.

Track referral performance

Referral reports let you track how your referral program is performing. View a list of new referral signups that show you the original referrer, the recipient (new customer), referral code used, and signup date. See who your biggest advocates are!

All set? Let’s get started.