Chargify + HubSpot

Chargify + Hubspot

All the information you need to sell and manage your customers while driving your marketing activities in meaningful ways is available with the Chargify + Hubspot integration.

Together, the two systems allow you to leverage customer Workflows, manage Lists, and automate your processes.

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Your Sales Team Can

  • Select from pre-configured offerings or create custom bundles specific to their prospects within the boundaries of your pre-configured product catalog
  • Follow your unique sales process to manage Deals, automate follow ups, and create custom alerts
  • Grow your install base via upgrades, facilitating renewals and adding new products to existing subscriptions or customers

Your Customer Support Team Can

  • View and distribute invoices
  • View subscription changes, payment and invoice history, usage and next billing dates directly the Contact and Company Activity sections
  • Filter and build custom Lists to proactively manage their Companies at every Lifecycle stage

Chargify + Hubspot for Your Marketing Team:

For marketers, billing information and trends opens up a new way of looking at and growing free trial, freemium and existing customers.

Your Marketing Team Can

  • Initiate and manage campaigns based on a specific customers use of your product rather than the amount of time that has gone past since sign-up
  • Drive product adoption and usage via targeted educational messaging
  • Engage users and support install base growth with messaging specific to products and services users are already utilizing