Free Use

Chargify Service Terms

You may use the Chargify Services without charge for the free use period on the following conditions:

  • You use the services for the purpose of evaluating a possible subscription purchase and to prepare your configurations for paid use under a subscription. You may not use the services to generate or collect revenue during the free use period.
  • On Chargify’s request, you provide feedback about your experience with the services.
  • Your use complies with applicable law and industry standards for acceptable use, such as the AUP at
  • You do not attempt to copy or modify the services, or reverse engineer, disassemble or decompile the services.

During the free use period Chargify will comply with its Privacy Practices with respect to the information you submit to establish your account. When you purchase a Subscription, your account information will be "Confidential Information" covered by the Subscription services terms.


Free use services are live. We recommend that during the free use period you do not use actual data to test the services. However, during the free use period you will be able to configure the services and enter your actual customer data if you wish. You will not be able to collect and process fees, but the services are enabled to generate actual invoices and other communications to your customers during the free use period. Please use caution if you are not yet prepared to use Chargify to communicate with your customers!

Chargify does not commit to retaining your information indefinitely. At some point Chargify will require you to purchase a Subscription or stop using the service. If you do not purchase a Subscription, Chargify will purge your data, materials, and development work. Please keep a backup of all information that you transmit to or create using the services.

Free use services are provided AS IS. During the free use period the services are provided AS IS, with no representation or warranty whatsoever. You acknowledge that Chargify makes no commitment to you regarding the availability of the services or security of your data or other information during the free use period. If you choose to use actual data to test the services, you do so at your sole risk. Chargify may provide support during the free use period, but is not required to. Any support that Chargify provides during the free use period is provided AS IS.

Chargify may terminate your use of the free services at any time in its sole discretion. We may terminate your free use account at any time for any or no reason. We will give you a reasonable opportunity to recover your data if we terminate your free use service without advance notice.

Chargify is a registered trademark of Chargify, LLC.

Last Updated: 8:30am EST, February 1, 2017