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All The Features You Need ToManage Your Recurring Revenue

Plans & Charges

Recurring Plan Charges

Our bread & butter. With subscription billing at the core of Chargify, we give you the ability to bill in flexible increments and collect payments with open-ended configuration. Yearly, monthly, weekly, or by custom intervals — you decide both the frequency and amount of your recurring plan charges.

Add-Ons & Components

Fine-tune subscription pricing through our add-ons. These subscription "components" can be used to turn optional features on and off, or to allocate quantities or units that are billed on a per-piece basis.

Metered Usage

Every time a customer uses a consumable resource – like phone minutes or text messages – you can send us an API message. We diligently keep track of their usage and tally up the total at the next renewal, and charge appropriately.

Volume & Tiered Pricing

We know that one size doesn't fit all. Your heavy users probably expect better pricing. As usage quantities change, we can intelligently adapt pricing according to your business rules. In addition to per-unit pricing, we also support tiered, volume, and stair-step pricing on all add-ons.

Anniversary Billing

Most merchants want to bill their monthly subscribers based on when they signed up - if the subscription started on the 9th, it will renew on the 9th of the following month. Chargify does this by default, setting up a predictable cycle for your customers and spreading your cash flow over the month.

Trial Periods

Watch your subscriber count skyrocket when you offer a trial period, either free or paid. Whether it's the same length as your recurring interval or different, Chargify handles it for you. Want a seven-day trial period followed by monthly billing? No problem.

One-Time Charges

Charge anything, anytime. You can choose to charge the subscriber's card on file for any amount – either immediately or during the next normal billing cycle.

Setup/Initial Fees

When you're ready to start accepting paid subscribers, Chargify is ready too. Capture initial charges as soon as subscriptions start with predetermined setup fees.

Plan Groups/Families

Your Plans and Products can easily be sorted into Groups (also known as Families). By grouping your plans, you can control the upgrade and downgrade options available to your customers, and also create segments of customers for reporting or analytical purposes.

Calendar Billing

Chargify makes it simple to charge everyone on the 1st (or any day) of the month if your business requires it. You'll sometimes hear us refer to this as "Snap Billing", because we'll "snap" your subscriptions to a particular day of the month when enabled. We can even prorate partial months at the time of sign up.

Unlimited Plans & Products

There are no limits to the number of plans and products you can create in Chargify!

Getting Paid

Credit Card Payments

Accept credit cards from your customers easily and securely. We store payment details safely so that your customers can pay for anything using their favorite card.


For merchants using Braintree as their gateway, we support payments via PayPal. Your customers will have the convenience of using their PayPal account for recurring and one-time purchases on Chargify-hosted pages.

Compatible in Many Countries

Chargify works just about everywhere. If you can get a merchant account where you do business, Chargify can connect to it and manage your subscription billing cash-flow.


For merchants using the Authorize.Net gateway, we allow your customers to pay for their recurring subscriptions through their bank account, using our ACH/eCheck payment method.

Checks & Offline Payments

Some business is still done the old-fashioned way. If your customer mails a check to you, it's easy to record that payment in Chargify with the rest of your automated transactions.

Supports Multiple Currencies

We allow you to charge your customers in almost any currency you choose. And, using multiple Chargify "Sites" – a feature of our admin dashboard – you can charge in multiple currencies simultaneously.

Coupons & Discounts

One-Time Discounts

Entice signups by offering discounts that are applied only at signup. With this kind of coupon, your recurring renewals are not discounted.

Unique Coupon Codes/Multiple Codes

Our coupon code system allows you to define multiple unique codes – even thousands of them - for the same coupon or discount. This is perfect for Groupon-style promotions where each customer needs a unique redemption code.

Single-Use Coupons

You control how many times any given coupon code is redeemed – one time or one hundred times, it's up to you. The most common use-case is to distribute many codes for the same promotion, each limited to a single use.

Recurring Discounts

Since recurring is the name of our game, you're not limited to simple one-time discounts. Discounts can be configured to apply to multiple billing cycles – either forever or for a certain number of billings. This is the kind of flexibility your sales and marketing team craves.

Percentage or Fixed-Amount Discounts

Whether you aim to give a percentage savings on the entire bill, or a fixed dollar-amount off, you have ultimate control over the amount of discounts applied. Fixed amount discounts can be used like "gift cards", and can even be configured to carry over excess discount amounts if you choose.


Sales Tax

Chargify allows you to collect sales and use taxes based on your customer's location. You can define the regions and rates, or allow us to fetch rates automatically from the leading online tax source, Avalara (US Only).


Compliance with EU VAT Tax is a snap with Chargify. We also support VAT Tax opt-out, and store the buyers's VAT validation number for correct tax collection, every time.

Simple Customer Onboarding & Signup

Hosted Signup Pages

Start accepting online signups immediately by using Chargify-hosted signup pages. Simply link your customer to the provided signup page, and we'll collect the sensitive payment details and complete the signup. You don't have to do any programming, nor do you have to worry about handling cardholder data. We take care of both.

Even though we host these pages, you retain full control over their look and feel. We support custom CSS stylesheets and Javascript code, giving you almost infinite flexibility and possibility in your design. Even without CSS and Javascript, you can customize with a click: upload a logo, display card brand badges, and add a bot-preventing CAPTCHA – all easy options.

Shareable URLs for Signups

Every Chargify-hosted public page gets its own unique URL. So, getting new customers is as easy as placing one of these links on your website so your customers can find it. Don't have a website? No problem! These links can be embedded anywhere: Facebook, Twitter, even text messages. Anywhere you can reach your customers becomes a channel for getting new recurring revenue.

Chargify Direct (Transparent Redirect)

Chargify Direct is a "Transparent Redirect" technology that allows you to host a signup form on your own website while also avoiding the PCI-compliance hassles associated with transmitting cardholder data. With Chargify Direct, the form posts directly to Chargify for processing, and we redirect back to your site with secure, API-based results of the transaction so you can take the customer to the next step of signup.

Server-to-Server (API) Signups

Take full control over the signup flow by using our server-to-server API for signups. Anything you can do using our hosted signup pages can also be done via our API, giving your seasoned developers the control they need.

Automatic Welcome Emails

Make your newest signups feel special by sending a personalized welcome email. Using our "Email Composer" you have full control over the design AND content of the emails. Design once in full HTML glory, then use easy replacement variables to make it personal.

Customer Management & Retention

Charge Anything, Anytime

Chargify makes it simple to charge the right amount at the right time. With support for many different kinds of automated and manual charges, it's easy to design a billing scenario for every customer. We easily support:

  • Manual, one-time charges
  • Recurring plan charges
  • Setup/startup fees
  • Trial fees
  • Special pricing via coupons and discounts
  • Tiered and volume discount pricing
  • Proration for upgrades and downgrades

Customer Retention & Dunning

Dunning is the process of handling an overdue account to bring it current again. Chargify simplifies dunning management and helps you retain customers through carefully-timed emails. Simply set a custom retry schedule, and send the customer reminder emails when their card is expired or declined. Then, automatically cancel their subscription if you can't win them back.

Upgrades & Downgrades

Perform upgrades or downgrades through our admin dashboard (accessed by you or your customer service team), our API, or the self-service Billing Portal. Proration is an option for any change – most merchants choose to prorate on upgrade but not on downgrade.

Adjusting Add-Ons

Just like plan upgrades and downgrades, sometimes your customers need to change the number of licenses or widgets they are paying for on their account. These changes can easily be made, mid-cycle, by either you or the customer.


Issue refunds directly from within Chargify, without having to go crying to your payment gateway. And, when it makes sense, you can also issue service credits instead of actually giving money back.


Chargify’s referral feature provides your customers with unique referral codes to incentivize new signups and reward referring customers. A well executed referral program has been proven to boost signups by as much as 25%, and Chargify's out of the box referral feature can help you achieve similar results. Learn More

Customer Billing Portal

Chargify's Billing Portal is a customizable, white-labeled website where your customers can control just about everything to do with their Chargify-billed subscription: changing plans, viewing statements, adjusting add-ons, changing credit cards, and canceling…

…all without you having to lift a programming finger. Learn more about Chargify's Billing Portal

Statements & Receipts

You can choose to have Chargify email payment receipts or detailed statements to your customers with every purchase or renewal. The statements accurately break down into an easily digestible notice of all the periodic charges.


For those customers that can't (or won't) pay automatically by credit card, we help you issue recurring invoices with payment terms you choose. Quickly account for overdue invoices and re-send by email when necessary. When a check arrives, enter it against the invoice in two clicks.


Don't wait to get paid when a customer increases their allocation or changes plans mid-month. We offer flexible proration schemes on all usage-based and plan changes. You can choose to capture a prorated amount immediately or tack the prorated amount onto the next bill.

Marketing Emails

Send emails to your entire subscriber base, or just those subscribed to a specific plan, quickly and easily from within our admin dashboard.

Subscription Cancellation

If you need to cancel someone's account suddenly, there's a function that makes this incredibly easily. You'll enter a short note, and tell Chargify if their service should be cancelled immediately or if it should be cancelled when their current billing period ends.

Business Management Tools

Business Dashboard

See what's going on in your business, at a glance. Our dashboard will show you signups & cancellations for the last 30 days, customer count & monthly revenue for the last 12 months, signups & revenue for all of your products for both the current and the previous month.

Customer Notes

Chargify provides a place for you to enter simple notes about each customer. Does the customer require white glove treatment? Are they touchy? You and your team will always know, when you keep it on file.

Run Multiple Businesses

Every Chargify account allows you to create unlimited "Sites." Every Site has separate customers, products, settings, and reporting. Many merchants use multiple Sites to power their different businesses.

Analytics & Reports

Track key performance metrics like Lifetime Value (LTV) and Customer Churn with our informative analytics. After all, knowing is half the battle.

CSV Data Exports

Export your subscribers and transactions as CSV files that you can slice and dice any way you please.

Team Member Access Control

Our permissions system allows you fine-grained control over what each user can see and do within your Chargify account.

iPhone App

Never be far from updates about your company performance. View your key performance metrics on our iPhone app.

API & Programming


Our RESTful API has been lauded by developers from across the world for its ease of use and modern semantics. Using the API, you can manage your entire subscriber base. In fact, our own Billing Portal uses the API exclusively, communicating with Chargify to power self-service for your clients.


We maintain a list of consultants familiar with the ins and outs of Chargify and its API, ready to help you with your next project.

Multi-Platform Client Libraries

We developed and currently maintain a Chargify API client library for the Ruby language. Dedicated users the world over have developed additional libraries for .Net, PHP, Python, Java, and more. View the full list.


Webhooks make it a breeze to stay up to date with the recurring billing lifecycle managed by Chargify. Instead of having to poll us to find out what's changed, our webhooks notify you when things you care about happen.

Trust & Security

PCI-compliant & Visa-approved

Chargify meets and exceeds all of the requirements to process, store, or transmit credit card information to protect you and your customers.

24/7 Customer Support

We man the phones 24/7. If you have a problem in the middle of the night anywhere across the globe, we're here to help.

Hacker Tested

We regularly submit ourselves to hacking by the best "good-guy" hackers in the business. Their feedback makes us better, and keeps you and your customer data safer.

Designed for Uptime

Chargify's software runs in three Amazon data centers in the U.S., to reduce the risk of downtime. We take pride in our excellent uptime history and encourage merchants to view our excellent track record here.

Two-Factor Login Security

Rest assured when you add extra protection to your account by enabling 2-Factor Authentication. In addition to your username and password, you'll need to enter a code sent to your smartphone to log in to your Chargify account.

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