Chargify Business Intelligence

Real-time, custom insights for your entire business

Chargify Business Intelligence is a self-service analytics suite that empowers anyone to create and share custom dashboards using data from Chargify and relevant third party sources.

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Business Intelligence is extremely powerful, yet simple to use. The sharable dashboards are a game changer for getting the right data to the right people securely. – Adam Saye, Co-founder, PT Distinction
The fact that we have the ability to query & ask questions about data directly from the source of truth where these subscriptions are being made has made a really profound difference to us. – Tom Willis, Co-founder & CMO, Lawpath
With the new Chargify BI tool we can measure and develop our specific KPI’s with several hours saved every month and be more data driven analyzing churn, growth and customer loyalty. – Per Ingman, Founder of Smakbox
Chargify Business Intelligence

Stream All Your Data

Stream data from your application and any third party source to add context and get a 360° view of your business.

Chargify Business Intelligence

Create Customized Metrics

Analyze your data your way. Uncover granular insights to drive data-backed business decisions.

Chargify Business Intelligence

Build Personalized Dashboards

Add custom metrics to your dashboards using our drag and drop dashboard builder, or use a pre-built template to get started.

Chargify Business Intelligence

Share with Everyone

Share dashboards securely and seamlessly. Grab a link, embed them anywhere, or download an image.

Tailor Metrics to Your Needs

Don’t lock yourself into someone else's reporting structure. Create filtered metrics around your most important data, then further segment your results by sending in additional data to Chargify.

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Chargify Business Intelligence
Chargify Business Intelligence

Empower anyone to be an Analyst

You don’t need a data scientist to uncover deep insights and make strategic decisions. Business Intelligence offers intuitive analytics tools that enable anyone to create actionable metrics via our easy-to-use, customizable dashboard builder.

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Uncover Real-time Insights

Stay one step ahead of the competition with real-time data capture and exploration. Swiftly identify trends to make data-driven decisions when they matter most.

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Chargify Business Intelligence
Chargify Business Intelligence

Rely on a Single Source of Truth

Stop shuffling between multiple systems. Business Intelligence allows you to store all your data in one place. Paired with our proven analytics technology, you’ll get analytics you can trust to drive your most important business decisions.

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Chargify Business Intelligence

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