For the past few weeks, we’ve been testing our integration with the Xero accounting system through a private beta program. Now that we’ve created a few thousand invoices in Xero using real Chargify data, we’re ready for more merchants to try it out!

Our Xero integration is the easiest way to seamlessly export your Chargify transactional data into Xero’s accounting software. Simply enable the integration and we will begin syncing all new transactions automatically.


All of your Chargify statements will be exported to Xero as Invoices.  The line items of those Invoices will reflect all of the coupon discounts and tax charges that were configured and applied via Chargify.  And, if you make use of our new Avalara Managed tax integration, you’ll gain rich tax reporting in Xero since we sync all of the tax components (state, county, and city taxes, for example) individually.


There’s more information on Xero in our docs if you’d like to learn more or try it out today. The integration is currently in public beta – we’ve written about what beta means to us so you can decide if this feature is for you. We would love for you to try it out and send us your feedback!