Chargify recently sponsored a challenge, “Chargify: Most Potential to Monetize”, in the Rails Rumble event on October 16th through the 17th.  This event takes place over a 48 hour time span in which teams have to design, develop, and deploy their best attempt at a web property, given the time restraints, using Ruby and Rails.

After looking over the 36 entries for our challenge at the Rails Rumble event, we have finally come to a decision.  It was a team effort to decide on the winner for our challenge.  After going through all of the entries, we had each member of the Chargify team share their top pick on which entry they thought was most likely to monetize with billing.  It came down to two entries andWORKRZ came out on top as the winner.  WORKRZ is a casual shift management application that lets you manage and connect your casual employees online and gives you the ability to instantly see which employees are available to work.  The WORKRZ application really stood out to us as it had a clear potential to monetize beyond advertising, and well, it was pretty cool too!  As the winner of the “Chargify: Most Potential to Monetize” challenge, WORKRZ will receive one year free of Chargify services along with a brand new iPod touch!

We would also like to recognize Commendable Kids as our runner up. Commendable Kids enables you to award children badges for their accomplishments and hard work, as well as allow others, such as family and friends, to become fans of the child and give them high fives and encouragement.  They were a very close second to WORKRZ and will also receive a year free of Chargify services.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our challenge.  We were very impressed with what you all were able to come up with in just 48 hours! To see all the winners from this event, check out the Rails Rumble website.