Twilio Integration for SMS Dunning Notifications

by Adam Feber

twillo-chargify-messageIf you are not familiar with what dunning management is, it is the process of notifying customers about failed payments. These failed payments can come from a number of factors such as expired cards, insufficient funds, temporary holds, or general declines. Alerting your customers about these issues can be an extremely effective tactic to bring back at-risk accounts and reduce churn.

Chargify allows you to easily setup dunning email notifications to notify these at-risk accounts, and recently added a Twilio integration that allows for SMS dunning notifications as well. According to Juniper Research, 90% of text messages are read in the first few minutes of delivery, which means SMS is a great way to quickly alert your customers that there is an issue with their billing.

Setting up Chargify’s Twilio integration is simple. To get started, check out the documentation.

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