In this post we take a look at one of our customers in the SaaS space who is charging up the growth curve.

Timely ( provides cloud-based scheduling software to small businesses who need to run an appointment book – like clinics, salons, and trainers.

The company is based in New Zealand, but with customers in 35 countries in little over a year, global expansion is inevitable. In fact, they’ve just opened an office in London.

Timely’s CEO, Ryan Baker (@ryanbakernz), tells the story of how they use Chargify…

We started using Chargify back in 2012. We loved how nicely the Chargify pricing scaled and that really supported us through the early stages of our growth. The team at Chargify has been great to work with, often scrambling to tweak small things for us in Chargify and always responsive to emails and tweets.

We pride ourselves on having awesome customer service for our Timely users, so we love having suppliers who share that approach.

Using the Chargify API (and the handy .NET wrapper), we have built a seamless integration with our scheduling app. Our customers see everything within the familiar look and feel of the Timely app, while in the background Chargify is doing all the heavy lifting for our billing and invoicing. We have a fairly traditional SaaS charging model, with multiple pricing plans and monthly recurring payments. Chargify eats this up. On top of this, we also use one-off charges in Chargify for our customers to pre-purchase SMS credits.

The last big piece of Chargify that we use extensively is coupon codes. Because Chargify makes this so easy for us to do, we are regularly running fun promotions for our customers to get goodies when they sign up to Timely. Everyone loves that stuff.

Prior to starting Timely, we built another booking system for the tourism industry which had a billing system all built into it from the ground up. When we started Timely, we looked at doing that again, but it just didn’t stack up vs using Chargify.

Chargify allowed us to focus on building a great scheduling tool for our customers to run their business.

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