Its been a while since the last blog update on Chargify, so allow me to fill you in. Things have been progressing rapidly and we’ve gotten great feedback from our beta testers. A big thanks to all of you!

Not a beta tester yet, but want to be? We hear you! If you’re not already signed up, head on over to our sign up page and click the big “Sign Up for the Beta” button.

If you ARE on the list, hang tight. We’re moving as fast as we can to allow everyone to Chargify their customers. (Yes, I just used Chargify as a verb… but I’m not the first to do that!

What’s on the near-term horizon?

  • Edit your outgoing emails
  • Allow upgrades and downgrades between products/plans, with optional proration
  • Create unlimited “Sites”, each configurable with their own subdomain, gateway credentials, and selectable Test Mode. Also, you’ll be able to clone the products from one site to another.

Welcome, Lance!

Late last week we were excited to announce that former Engine Yard CEO Lance Walley joined the Chargify team as our CEO! Lance brings a ton of experience to the table, and has first hand knowledge of running a cutting edge startup that aims to help other entrepreneurs. “When I was CEO of Engine Yard, I saw hundreds of developers who were creating recurring revenue businesses and they’d have to write the billing management systems over and over. That’s not good,” said Lance. “Billing is critical, but writing a billing management system is a distraction and usually an afterthought. With Chargify, entrepreneurs have access to a powerful tool that manages everything for them.”

Stay Tuned

Watch the Grasshopper Labs blog for more updates about Chargify. We’ll pop in every week or so from here forward to keep you in the loop!