Sometimes customers that cancel really just want to put their subscription on hold with plans of returning in the future. Our new ‘subscription on hold’ feature provides a better user experience by allowing your customers to simply pause and resume their subscriptions with the click of a button.

This use case applies to all sorts of businesses but is very common with subscription box and physical goods subscriptions. Previously, you would either have to configure workarounds to push out the billing date, or force customers to cancel and then resubscribe when ready. With this release, that is no longer the case…

How to use (customer-facing):

There are two main ways to enable subscription on hold as a self-service option for your customers:

1. If your website or application is integrated using Chargify’s API, we’ve added the new on hold and resume functionality. To learn how to implement this, check out our on hold and resume API documentation.

2. If you use Chargify’s customer facing Billing Portal, you can enable “Allow Putting Subscriptions On Hold” and “Allow Resuming Subscriptions” from the Billing Portal Settings page inside of Chargify’s interface.

When enabled, the customer will be able to place their subscription on hold until manually resumed OR define when they would like the subscription to automatically resume.

For more information on using Chargify’s Billing Portal and enabling this new feature, check out our Billing Portal documentation.

How to use (internally):

If your support team or other internal teams get a request to put a subscription on hold, we’ve made it easy to do from the Subscription view within Chargify’s interface. Simply visit the Subscription > click on the ‘Actions’ dropdown > select ‘Put On Hold.’

Check out our documentation for additional information: On Hold Subscriptions

We’re happy to have this feature available as yet another way for subscription businesses to provide a better user experience for their end customers.