Subscriber Insights Get An Upgrade: Product Filters & Switch Reporting

by Adam Feber

We continue to see a shift away from one-size-fits-all subscriptions as modern businesses experiment with how pricing, packaging, and promotions can maximize revenue. This shift results in an ever-changing and growing product catalog that requires more granular, product-level insights to unearth trends and understand how changes impact net growth.

Back in February, we released product-level filters for our MRR insights that allow you to analyze revenue movements with extreme precision. This release also introduced “Switch” reporting that isolates switched revenue from upgrades, downgrades, and product changes within your existing customer base.

Today’s release adds product-filters and Switch reporting to Chargify’s Paid Subscriber Insights view that shows movements in the number of paying customers:

This enhancements open the door for more detailed analysis of your customer base by the products/plans they are currently subscribed to. Some example use cases include:

  • You want to understand the best and/or worst performing plans based on historical customer growth
  • You experiment with a new tiered plan and need to understand adoption compared to pre-existing tiers
  • You’re in charge of a particular plan’s performance and need to closely monitor and report on paid subscriber growth for your plan
  • You’re sunsetting a legacy plan and need to track how many customers have switched to the new offer

We continue to improve our suite of analytics and welcome any feedback on this update. If you have any questions or suggestions for future improvements, let us know.

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