We’re always devoting some dev cycles to new features – some little, some big.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve released a few little features that will make your lives better.

And over the past few months, we’ve been working to satisfy another segment of merchants, who need better reporting tools to manage their growth. These are not released, yet, but they are close enough for a peek.

(A note about all images below: you can click to see a larger version.)

Little Features (available now)

Stripe payment gateway. New merchants have started requesting this at an increasing rate, so we got this added last weekend. Now you can have the convenience of easy credit card processing through Stripe, plus the rich features of Chargify to manage your business.

Delete subscription, and optionally, a customer and credit card. This has been an annoyance for merchants. No more!

Big Features (available soon)

As merchants grow, some of them want to watch things like churn and lifetime value, so they can make better decisions. We’ve had a small team working on this for several months, and we’re in the final weeks of optimization and bug fixes.

We’ll open this up to a handful of larger merchants first, to make sure the reports yield accurate and expected results, and then grow the group size as we implement feedback.

It’s important that we get these right (and quick in terms of rendering time) before we release them to many users. That’s why we’re approaching this slowly and methodically.

As these new features come out of beta, they will be added to various Chargify price plans.

Our focus has been on churn and lifetime value, since they’ve been getting the most demand from merchants. Both are right around the corner. Then comes new & improved revenue reporting.

Reporting is an area that will continue to grow indefinitely. In time, some of our smaller segments of merchants will see industry-specific reports.