Scott White Joins Chargify as Chief Revenue Officer

by Paul Lynch

For all of the benefits the subscription model has brought to B2B SaaS businesses, it has brought its fair share of challenges, too. Endless combinations of pricing, numerous usage models, unique offers and complex analytics requirements to name a few. 

All of these requirements make managing the business – and revenue – extremely difficult for B2B SaaS businesses. This is why we’re seeing companies increasingly dedicate focus and resources to solve for the complexity. As a B2B SaaS business ourselves, Chargify is no stranger to this shift in the market. This is why I’m excited to announce that Scott White has joined Chargify as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).

Scott brings with him more than two decades of sales leadership experience in the technology, cloud and managed service markets. He spent more than 15 years at Rackspace, and was an integral part of the company’s growth from ~$20M ARR to a multibillion global leader in managed hosting and cloud. 

The CRO role is a natural next step for any company that is laser-focused on solving the evolving needs of its customers. So it’s no surprise that Chargify is one of only two players in our space with this role. (And the other is publicly traded…)

Scott will further enable us to deliver our best product – by better understanding how customers are buying, what features they’re using and how we can better empower them. He will apply his hands-on experience at highly sophisticated businesses to foster even closer relationships with our customers and drive meaningful partnerships and integrations that streamline the platforms they’re using. 

Chargify has grown and expanded aggressively in the past year and now transacts in all continents. Customers now have an average of 300 pricing elements that they must track and bill customers for. This number is steadily growing — driving the 20% increase in the amount processed through our platform annually that we’ve experienced in the past year. As a result of this rapid growth, we increased our team by 25% in Q3 alone. 

Scott’s arrival will help us maintain this momentum and edge on our competitors. And he will help us continue to identify and solve billing and revenue management pain points for B2B SaaS companies.

Some of the toughest problems I’ve dealt with in my career center around accurate commissioning for sales reps, calculating accurate revenue and improving operational efficiency across customer-facing functions like sales and marketing. Chargify is doing something unique — solving some of the biggest challenges for businesses. It’s the main reason I’m so excited to contribute to the team.
Scott White, CRO at Chargify


SaaS companies do struggle with simple business tasks because of the deep complexity of the subscription business model. And they do need a platform built specifically for their needs. That platform is Chargify

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