See your Chargify customers and subscriptions in Salesforce.

Our Salesforce integration pushes Chargify customers & subscriptions into your Salesforce account, AND keeps that info updated as things change.

This means your team members who work in Salesforce can see the info they need to do better sales and better customer support.


Here’s where data appears in Salesforce:

  • A Customer in Chargify becomes an Account (with associated Contact) in Salesforce
  • A Subscription in Chargify becomes a Note attached to the customer’s Account in Salesforce


Here’s when data gets pushed to Salesforce:

  • New Subscription is created in Chargify
  • Customer info is updated in Chargify
  • Subscription info is updated in Chargify (renewal, product change, payment received, etc.)

When Not

And here’s when data does not get pushed to Salesforce:

  • Customer/Subscription info created in Chargify while the integration is turned OFF
  • New Customer is created in Chargify with NO subscription

Try It

We worked with a handful of Chargify merchants over the past couple of weeks regarding how data is mapped into Salesforce.

Please try it and let us know how it fits your Salesforce workflow.


  • For us to connect to your Salesforce account, it must allow access to the Salesforce API. This comes standard on Salesforce Enterprise plans. API access may also be added to other Salesforce plans for an extra fee.
  • On the Chargify side, you must be on our Plus plan or higher.