Chargify + Braintree + PayPal = Pay with PayPal!

by Lance Walley

Some of your customers want to pay with PayPal.

Now they can!

Braintree is one of the leading payment gateways that Chargify merchants use with Chargify. Braintree was acquired by PayPal last year, and they’ve been working on the newest, nicest checkout flow for customers to pay with PayPal.

We’ve been working with Braintree this year to make it a reality starting today – the first day that this new payment mechanism is available to anyone.

Chargify is the first commerce platform to make this available. It was an engineering stretch to meet the deadline, but we did!

What Your Customers See

If you have this new feature enabled (see steps in next section), here’s what your customers see on their Chargify-hosted signup page.

They choose credit card or PayPal:

chargify braintree paypal

And if they choose PayPal, they see this box to enter their PayPal account info:

Chargify PayPal account

What You See

Here’s what you’ll see when you look up your customer’s payment info in Chargify:

Chargify subscription management

Requirements & Setup

(Update January 2015 – we now support all currencies listed here)

If you use Braintree as the payment gateway for your Chargify Site, your customers can now pay with a credit card or with their PayPal account. You just need to enable a couple of settings.

(If you do not use Braintree as your payment gateway, you can switch your Chargify Site to Braintree, but the process is difficult because moving card data from gateway to gateway is difficult. Instead, we suggest that you create another Site in your Chargify account, and connect it to Braintree. You can have as many Sites in your Chargify account as you want.)

Go into your Braintree account and enable/fill in this new setting…

(This should be present but with no options shown on Braintree Sandbox accounts, and it should be present as shown here on Braintree Real/Live accounts. If you do not see this in your Braintree account, please contact Braintree Support and request this on your account.)

Chargify Braintree setup

Then go into your Chargify Site and enable this new PayPal setting:

Chargify PayPal setting

Chargify + Braintree + PayPal In the Press

For more on this announcement, here it is in today’s press and on Braintree’s blog:
Braintree Blog


We know a number of merchants will be really happy about this, so we’re very excited to release it today.

We also know that there will be questions and probably some rough spots. This is all new – new at Braintree and new at Chargify – so let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Note:  PayPal payments are only available on Chargify-hosted pages and cannot be used with Chargify Direct.

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