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Infographic: The Evolution of Revenue Management

Image introducing the evolution of revenue management

Revenue management. It’s a term you might be familiar with – but not necessarily in the realm of SaaS.  If you do any research on the term, you’ll find that its roots lie in the airline and hospitality industries. Historically, revenue management has described the entire system of setting prices and adjusting them based on…

The Hard Truth: Revenue Management Complexities Unique to SaaS

Image representing the three pillars of SaaS Revenue Management

Revenue management is about predicting customer behavior to maximize revenue. It’s about selling the right products at the right prices to specific markets, and since its conception in the mid-’70s, it has helped companies like British Airways, Marriott Hotels and National Car Rental thrive. One way that revenue management works in travel and hospitality is…

The 7 Principles of Growth for SaaS Businesses

Guest post about principles of SaaS marketing growth

In many ways, growth marketing and SaaS go hand in hand. Within your team, you’ve already got the know-how for running tests and measuring experiments, and you have access to a wealth of user data from the customers who have been using your SaaS product.  If you want to power more growth for your SaaS…