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Introducing Chargify.js: Another Tool In The Integration Toolbox

Thousands of businesses have signed up and managed more than 20 million subscriptions through Chargify. We know first hand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution because every business has unique needs based on their billing models, integration requirements, and resources available. Today we’re happy to announce Chargify.js as another tool in the Chargify integration toolbox….

New Beginnings: Introducing Tom Rotem as Chargify’s CEO

September is often a time of new beginnings. This September at Chargify, this feels particularly true. I’m excited to share with you that I’ve joined the team as CEO. The company is in fantastic shape, and we truly appreciate Chris Cochran’s leadership that led us to this moment. It’s time to look forward to the…

Bring Your Own Avalara Account Integration

In 2014, we released an automated tax calculator powered by Avalara AvaTax behind the scenes. Hundreds of customers have benefited from this feature that doesn’t require bringing your own Avalara account—it’s a managed service available at no additional cost. But some businesses have complex sales tax calculation, compliance, reporting, and filing needs outside of what…

Introducing The New & Improved Chargify Zendesk Integration

chargify zendesk integration

Two years ago, Chargify customer Earth Class Mail built an extremely useful Chargify Zendesk integration and made it open source for others to improve and benefit from. We heard lots of great feedback, and since we are also Chargify and Zendesk users, we even used it internally within our own support workflows. Unfortunately, the initial…

Subscriber Insights Get An Upgrade: Product Filters & Switch Reporting

chargify subscriber insights filters

We continue to see a shift away from one-size-fits-all subscriptions as modern businesses experiment with how pricing, packaging, and promotions can maximize revenue. This shift results in an ever-changing and growing product catalog that requires more granular, product-level insights to unearth trends and understand how changes impact net growth. Back in February, we released product-level…

The Perfect Match: Why Chargify Was The Answer Legally Mine Spent Years Searching For

Legally Mine Customer Spotlight Chargify

In today’s world, the average business will face five lawsuits over the course of their life. There’s no question asset protection and lawsuit prevention are necessities for all practices and business owners. In a world where initial asset protection consultations can cost anywhere from $35,000 to $50,000 (and above), Legally Mine offers affordable, comprehensive asset…

Relationship Invoicing Show & Tell: Invoice Consolidation

In February, we announced Relationship Invoicing™, a redesigned, reengineered, and reimagined set of invoicing capabilities in Chargify’s Elastic Billing™ featureset. Today we’re happy to provide some show and tell for one of the reimagined features that is now a reality…say hello to Invoice Consolidation! Before digging into how consolidated invoices work, it’s important to note…