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Avalara integration for effortless sales tax management

Managing sales taxes for customers across multiple states, cities, and counties can be a tedious job, but it doesn’t have to be. Chargify has partnered with Avalara, the leading cloud-based software for sales tax management, to provide access to Avalara AvaTax, delivering instantaneous sales tax decisions based on precise geo-location in more than 10,000 taxing jurisdictions….

Calendar Billing Feature Added to Public Signup Pages

In our recent public signup page release, we included a new feature called Calendar Billing that allows you to define the desired billing date for a subscription created through the public signup page. Previously, this functionality was only available via our API but can now be used and enjoyed by all Chargify merchants. So how…

Hosted Signup Pages Get Renamed and Improved

Hosted signup pages are now called public signup pages. Outside of renaming this feature, we released configuration improvements that allow merchants to have more fine grained control of their public signup pages. Read on to learn how these improvements affect the way you create and configure public signup pages. New Location The public signup page…

SHA-2 Migration – What You Need to Know

On Dec 15, 2014 Chargify will begin using a new SSL certificate signed by SHA-2 instead of SHA-1.  The change should be seamless for most users, but old API clients may have issues.  We have set up a test system so you can check ahead of time that your API integration will continue to work….

Editable Custom Fields

Subscription custom fields (metadata) can now be created, edited, and updated from within Chargify: Previously, custom fields could be defined from within Chargify, but metadata could only be attached to a subscription via the API. Read More

Schedule a Product Change for Next Renewal

Now you have another option to manage product changes for your customers with a new feature: Delayed Product Change. This allows you to bypass proration concerns in a smart way by telling Chargify to schedule the product change to the subscription’s next renewal date. Before, both options available to move a customer from one product…

Subscription CSV Export Enhancements

Today we made Subscription CSV exports a lot better! There are two major things we added: 1. Filter results down to a subset of records, and only the resulting set of records will be exported Before today, it was a pain to export the whole (unfiltered) set of results, and then do some filtering in…

Drip Marketing with Chargify + Drip

Drip is marketing automation software that allows you to configure and send customized, automated emails to marketing, trial users, and paying customers. Drip recently completed an integration with Chargify, and we know a number of Chargify merchants will find their service very useful. This is a guest blog post from Drip’s founder, Rob Walling. After…

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