NOTE: The information below related to Chargify’s 2010 pricing and business model. Please contact Chargify for up-to-date pricing.

A few days ago, we changed our pricing so that we could provide better care and additional features to thousands of Chargify customers. Although the change in pricing was the result of careful analysis of the way people have used Chargify over the past year, we didn’t communicate this change properly. In fact, our communication was non-existent, which was a major mistake (you can read more about what I learned from this on my blog and hear from our CEO).

After listening to your passionate feedback on the price change, responding to hundreds of your emails and tickets, and speaking to many of you on the phone, it became clear that we had to make some adjustments while standing firm about not offering free plans.

Here’s what we’re doing to move forward:

Lower priced entry point.
So many great companies building very cool and interesting products reached out and said a lower price entry point was needed, and as a result of their feedback, we created the Launch plan. The Launch plan is only $39/month, will allow management of 10 paying customers and has community support. This is a great option for the company that wants to have all the power of Chargify but get off the ground at a lower price point. To facilitate this lower priced option, support will be community-based, and not the same 24/7 phone-based support available with larger price plans.

Free customers are free.
We heard loud and clear that some of you have solid reasons to store your free customers with us for free. That’s why you have our word, right here, that free customers (with active subscriptions or not) won’t be counted as part of your customer count (making them free).

Lesson learned.
We feel awful about how we communicated the price change on Monday and appreciate everyone’s feedback and support during this time. We’ve always been committed to empowering entrepreneurs with the tools to succeed, and this experience has only enhanced our commitment to you.

At the end of the day, actions speak louder than words, and I look forward to showing you how powerful Chargify can be for your business.

David Hauser