We got blocked by a few other things recently that we had to do first (mainly anti-fraud stuff the last couple of weeks), but they’re finally here!…

Trial Period Ending Options

Now you can set your product trials to end in 1 of 2 ways:

a) With no obligation by the customer when the trial ends,
– OR –
b) With the expectation of payment for the regular product period.

Option (a) is going to be loved by many merchants!

It means when a product’s trial ends (presumably a free trial), we won’t send a statement or try to charge your customer. The trial will just quietly end.

(There is an exception where we will still try to get payment… if there is a card on file, it’s assumed you do want payment.)

Option (b) is the path that’s been there all along.

This path assumes your customer should pay the regular product fee once the trial expires, so we will email them a statement and charge their card and send them into dunning if we can’t collect payment.

New “Trial-Ended” Subscription State

Along with the older subscription states like “Active” and “Trialing”, etc., there is a new “Trial Ended” state. Subscriptions that went through their free trial (with no-obligation trial defined on the product) will end up in this state.

You can then find these subscriptions by using the filter on the Subscriptions tab. You’ll probably want to follow up with marketing to convert these customers to a paid plan, or to get their feedback, etc.

This new state is also available via the API and webhooks, so it’s pretty easy to set up a simple program on your system that responds to any “Trial Ended” state-change webhooks and does whatever marketing you think is best.