New Sales Reports: Request Early Access Now!

by Michael Klett

At the end of 2015, we talked with many Chargify customers to find out how we could improve.  What we heard more than anything else was…

Better reporting.

So, we’ve been hard at work laying the groundwork for great reports that give you access to the data you need about your subscription-based business.

The first report we’re releasing is the Sales Report.  This report is designed to show you the sales volume (measured in your currency) for each of your products and components over time.  On top of that, you can see how much in discounts you’re providing with coupons, how much you’re collecting in taxes, how much you’re receiving in actual payments, and how much you’ve comped as account credits.

View breakdowns of your sales per-product and per-month
Select only the data you want to see or compare
Compare your data visually in the chart view

Staged Rollout

The Sales Report is ready for limited testing, and we’re asking for early adopters.  We need testers because we’re doing some intensive stuff behind the scenes to produce these reports – we’re taking your existing data from several sources, transforming it, crunching it, correlating it, and re-storing it (all of which we hope to detail in future blog posts).  There’s a chance the numbers could come out “weird,, so we need some intrepid, not-afraid-of-weird customers who can help us validate real-life numbers.  If that sounds like you, please fill out this form and we’ll get you rolling.

Sign up for Sales Report early access now!

What’s Next

With the Sales Report under our belt, we’re turning our attention on that gold-standard of subscription billing metrics: Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR).  Stay tuned!

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