If you do not know what an API is or use Chargify’s API, the following announcement may not excite you. But if you do use Chargify’s API, we think you’ll be pretty excited to hear about our recent improvement – multiple API keys!

Not only have we added the support for multiple API keys, but all API keys are now Chargify Site specific. You can have up to 10 API v1 keys and 10 API v2 keys per Chargify Site, i.e. if you have two Sites, you could have up to 40 keys.

Does this impact my current integration(s)?

Nope! Your current API key will continue to work as it has without interruption. If you would like to start using different keys for different integrations, new keys are now generated via the Integrations tab of each Site:


Note: Your old “account level” API key is still available for any pre-existing Sites prior to this update. You can now delete it at the Site level to remove access to any/all Sites.

Why is this “cool?”

  • If you have to give out an API key to a third-party, you can generate a new key and not worry about only having one key driving everything
  • If you ever need to revoke access or delete a key, you don’t have to worry about updating or breaking existing integrations
  • You can now enable or disable API access per Site which gives you more control and granularity – it’s no longer “all or nothing”

For more information about Chargify API keys, check out our documentation.