Earlier this year, Chargify was happy to release our Xero integration (check out the release announcement). While the integration has worked flawlessly for many of our merchants, there was one use case we did not support – syncing multiple Chargify sites to one Xero organization. This use case is now supported for consolidated accounting and reporting.

Multiple Site Use Case

Chargify has the unique ability to support multiple sites under one account. While many merchants only have one production site, there are a few reasons why a business may want multiple production sites:

  • If your company accepts multiple currencies, you can create a different site for each supported currency.
  • If you company has different revenue streams, you may want to separate these into different sites. Some examples include one company has multiple SaaS products or a SaaS product and a consulting business.

Enabling the Xero Integration for Multiple Sites

Previously, if you already had a Chargify site connected to Xero and went to add another Chargify site, it would invalidate the login credentials of the previous site. With this change, you can connect any Chargify site to the same Xero organization. Some key points:

  • Each Chargify site will need to be configured separately. To do so, visit the Integrations tab of each site, click on the Xero option, and follow the on-screen instructions to connect.
  • If you ever invalidate Xero’s OAuth credentials for Chargify, it will disconnect all Chargify sites from Xero.

To learn more about Chargify’s Xero integration, check out the video below and visit: www.chargify.com/features/xero