Monitor Critical Covid-19 Symptoms in Real-Time with Validic

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by Chargify

As a data connectivity and remote monitoring platform, Validic has a deep understanding of health care and personal health data. They have the ability to help healthcare providers monitor people’s conditions through connected health devices such as smart watches, thermometers, and other tools in order to raise alerts and notifications when someone’s conditioning is worsening. 

This gives Validic, a Chargify customer, the ability to help save lives in the time of a pandemic. Knowing this, Validic took it upon themselves to mobilize and quickly make an impact to launch a solution to monitor Covid-19 symptoms. They developed this solution in just two weeks, something that can typically take four to six months. 

 This rapidly deployable continuous symptom monitor tracks these four things: 

  •     Oxygen saturation, measuring how much oxygen is in the blood
  •     Coughing frequency
  •     Difficulty breathing
  •     Temperature 

The data is compiled and entered into the Validic system to flag individuals who have progression or indications that they have developed symptoms of Covid-19. This is a tool that can be used by companies to monitor their employees’ health as well as medical professionals to monitor their patients’ health from a distance.

This gives healthcare professionals the ability to monitor these symptoms while patients are at home due to limitations within hospital facilities. The healthcare professionals can receive alerts that symptoms are worsening, and they can then make the decisions on what the best next steps are for their patients.

Healthcare professionals are continuously exposed to Covid-19 and Validic is making it easier for hospitals and treatment facilities to stay up to date on the symptoms of their medical workers. With medical professionals updating their data, this provides the fastest way to ensure worsening symptoms are caught quickly, allowing for quicker isolation of workers to prevent further spread of Covid-19. 

This also applies to essential workers including postal workers, sanitation workers, law enforcement, first responders, and others who are constantly exposed to potentially dangerous situations. This allows those people to be identified quickly and monitored closely from their homes while they fight this disease.

This tool Validic is providing not only allows employees and employers alike the power to do their part to flatten the curve by educating themselves, but also provides the ability to track symptoms in order to quarantine sooner potentially keeping their loved ones out of harm’s way. 

If you are interested in deploying this solution in your workplace, please find more information on Validic’s website.


Chargify and Keen are highlighting Covid-19 Champions. In this time of uncertainty and hardship we want to give a shout-out to all of the companies that are being of service to the community during this time. 


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