This is our 3rd Friday blog post about new functionality that all started with our team trip to Breckenridge, Colorado, last month.

Here are two more new features that will really appeal to various merchants:

1. Email before End-of-Trial, Email before Recurring Payment

• Merchants are finding that they convert more trial users to paying customers if they email those users a few days before the trial ends.

In the past, you had to set this up with a tool outside of Chargify. Now it’s built in.

• And just before every regular recurring payment, why not send an email reminder? This prevents your customers from being surprised, especially with long payment cycles where they can easily forget. You can also use this email to remind them of the usefulness of your service, to upsell related services, and to provide contact info if they have any questions. Of course, we know some merchants don’t want to remind their customers, but some very much do.

We love adding features like these, because we know it will help our merchants grow their businesses just a little bit faster!

Of course, both new emails are optional.

2. Limited-Use Coupons

Limited-use coupons allow you to set the number of times a coupon can be redeemed by new customers. The most common use is something like, “The first 25 signups who use coupon code XYZ will get $100 off!”

Until now, merchants did this with custom programming that used our API.

Now everyone can offer Limited-Use Coupons!

(If you missed these, check out the last two Friday posts about useful new things like Custom Fields on Signup Pages and Prorated License Billing.)