We’re growing every day and we need help to keep offering good tech support in a timely manner, so we’re looking for someone who can work from home for 1-2 hours a day as a contractor.

We prefer someone in the USA, since most of our customers are here and our team is here.

It’s not required, but we prefer someone with Ruby and Rails experience, since that’s what Chargify uses internally and it would be especially useful if this person could go in and do development-type things that occasionally come out of tickets.

Knowledge of PHP, .Net, and others is also very useful, as these are used by more and more of our merchants.

Support requests come mostly in the form of written tickets, but some come as phone calls and tweets.

Sample support topics:

  1. Can Chargify do ‘xyz’ pricing model for my business?
  2. Can I update a subscription via the API?
  3. I’m trying this XML in PHP and I’m getting an error (or no response).
  4. Can I add fields to the Chargify hosted signup form?
  5. My payment gateway was working fine but now I’m getting an error.
  6. Most customers are being charged fine but this customer’s card keeps getting declined even though he has available credit.
  7. I need to charge in Euros; how can I do that?
  8. Can I set up my site to work with multiple payment gateways at the same time?
  9. Can I set up Chargify so my contractor cannot see the same data I see when I log in?
  10. Can you delete some customers from my production site?
  11. I’m not getting postbacks.
  12. How do I re-activate a cancelled customer?
  13. My receipts are showing USD instead of GBP.
  14. Can I use Chargify if I’m in Italy?
  15. Please move these subscriptions from Past Due status to Active.

Some questions are basically sales questions, which are mostly answered by others here at Chargify (#1, #7, #8, #14).

The most technical questions require someone with a programming background so they can get into details with the customer and figure out what’s up, and maybe even fix a bug if there is one (#3, #11).

And some are in-between and require that you know the system really well and can log in to modify data if that’s what they’re asking for (#2, #4, #5, #6, #10, #12, #13, #15).

You’ll notice that some are very specific to credit card processing and payment processing (#5, #6, #7, #8, #14).

The ideal person likes helping people solve problems, likes communicating, has excellent written and spoken English, and is interested in Chargify / credit card processing.
* Bonus points if he/she knows Linux + Ruby + Rails.
* Special bonus points if he/she has helped Chargify customers in the past and/or contributed sample Chargify code back to the community.

If you’re interested, please tweet to us @Chargify .