We handled $193 million in charges for merchants in 2013, and our support team answered their 16,000th written ticket last week.

The number of merchants using Chargify is growing, and the activity generated by those merchants is growing.

It’s all good – and it requires that we grow our team:


• We’re hiring another Level 2 tech support person. If you know anyone good, here’s the Support Job Ad

• If you’ve been using Chargify for long, you probably know Jay in our Level 1 support team. He was a CPA and high-level bank manager earlier in life, and he brings a lot of experience that really helps our merchants. Jay transitioned from part-time to full-time in January, and he’s overseeing all of Support.

• And if you came through our sales team anytime in the past 6 months, you may have interacted with Brit. He’s helped countless new merchants understand how our app meets their needs. Brit also transitioned from part-time to full-time, and he’s training with our support team so he can help merchants more broadly.


• Soon, we will publish a job ad for 2 new Ruby on Rails developers to join our U.S. team. We’ll Tweet and put the word out when that job ad is ready.


Chargify runs in 3 data centers right now, and we plan to run in 3 more. To support this, we’re hiring an operations engineer to work alongside Drew (our systems architect).

Many thanks to @DHH for tweeting about it. That probably helped us fill the opening pretty quickly.


Our software development team is always working on new functionality and that functionality tends to be the most visible.

But the systems we run on, and the people helping you when you need support, form the complete picture of what you rely on for your business.

Let us know if you know any great people who’d like to join our team.