If you use Chargify’s invoice billing, we recently released two great features that make mid-cycle billing easy, so you can get paid for new charges without having to wait weeks or months for the next billing cycle.

  1. Add one-time charges and issue invoices now
  2. Prorate and immediately invoice for mid-cycle component updates

1. Add one-time charges and issue invoice now

You can now immediately issue an invoice for one-time charges above and beyond a customer’s subscription. To do so, simply go to the customer’s subscription (under the Subscriptions tab) > use the top right Actions menu to “Add Charge” > and use the “Issue invoice now” option.


Once the charge has been added, an invoice is generated and will be reflected in the customer’s statements as an unpaid invoice.


These one-time invoices will not affect the customer’s regularly scheduled recurring subscription.

2. Prorate and immediately invoice for mid-cycle component updates

If you use Chargify product components with invoice billing, you will love our recent improvement. You can now update component quantities mid-cycle and immediately issue an invoice for the prorated amount due. Previously, the prorated amount for the upgrade would be added to the customer’s invoice on the next next billing cycle, which could be weeks or months away.

So let’s say you bill annually for a product that charges per user or license, and mid-cycle, a customer wants to add 3 more users to their subscription. Now, you can use the “prorate and charge for the upgrade costs immediately” option to immediately generate and send an invoice for the prorated amount. Using this feature lets you get paid for the changes now without having to wait until the next billing cycle.