If your business provides the option of automatic billing or invoice billing for different customers, you’ll love the new signup page settings we’ve released!

You can now define either “Automatic” or “Invoice” billing as the payment collection method for any public signup page. This translates into the ability to have two signup pages for any product, one for each method.

Why is this helpful? Let’s say the default method you use on your site is automatic where customers can enter their card information, create their subscription, and be billed automatically. If you have a potential customer that requires invoice billing, you can now direct them to a separate invoice billing signup page. Previously, you would have had to manually set up their subscription for invoice billing.

How to differentiate signup pages:

Before going over how to differentiate signup pages, it’s good to understand how invoice billing works in Chargify. When enabled from the Settings tab, there are three “On” options:

As long as you have either “On – Invoice Billing is an option, but not the default” or “On – Invoice Billing is an option, and is the default” selected, you can now define the desired payment collection method when creating or editing public signup pages:

Since you can create multiple public signup pages for any product, you can create one for automatic billing and one for invoice billing and use them to fit your workflows. When viewing the list view of public signup pages, you can quickly see what method is set:

If you had both methods enabled prior to this update, we’ve set the signup page payment collection methods based on your Site’s defaults.

For more information, check out our documentation:

Happy invoicing 🙂