Chargify supports two payment collection methods: Automatic Billing (credit cards, ACH, PayPal) and Invoice Billing (also called Net Terms Billing). For our merchants that use Invoice Billing, we are happy to announce a highly anticipated new feature: Pay Invoice Online

This new feature saves businesses a lot of time and administrative headaches by allowing customers to immediately pay any invoice online, with a credit card, instead of having to mail in a check or call in for manual credit card processing.

All invoices, whether for a one-time charge or a recurring subscription, now have the “Pay Invoice Online” link located at the bottom of the invoice:


When clicked, your customers will be taken to an instant payment page, where they can pay with a credit card:

  1. If no card is on file, they can enter a new credit card for payment. This card will be stored with their subscription, so future invoices can easily be paid with the click of a button.
  2. If there is a card is on file, but a different method of payment is desired, they can click the ‘Update’ link and enter a different credit card for payment.


Customers can still mail in a check or other form of payment to you, and you can manually mark the invoice as paid, but we think many businesses will really enjoy this customer self-pay functionality for outstanding invoices. Even if just 20% of your customers pay their invoices this way, it will save you a lot of time.

For more information about using Chargify Invoices and Invoice Settings, see our Invoices support documentation.