Introducing Chargify Business Intelligence

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by Abigail Endsley

Last year, on the heels of our acquisition of, we announced the future of billing in the form of Events-Based Billing, a brand new product which empowers your team to make use of granular event data to create complex, multidimensional pricing models. This year, we’re taking things a step further, bringing you an entirely new way to use granular data to advance your business.

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Chargify Business Intelligence is the first ever self-service analytics suite powerful enough to support your entire organization, yet simple enough for anyone to use—no data science degree required. This modern take on business intelligence empowers your entire team to gain real-time, custom insights into any area of your product, application, or business development with just a few clicks.

Powered by the same data engine backing Events-Based Billing, Chargify Business Intelligence puts control of reporting back into your hands.

Gather all of your data (from Chargify and other third party applications) into one system for a single source of truth. Slice and dice your data the way you need to learn about your business, whether you’re tracking MRR movement, product adoption, or customer churn trends. Quickly create a custom dashboard with the metrics that matter to you, and share your insights—instantly and securely—with anyone you choose.

Make solid, data-backed decisions more quickly than ever before. Now with Chargify Business Intelligence. Click here to learn more.

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