Selling subscriptions and collecting recurring revenue via Shopify just got a lot easier! While Shopify is an amazing commerce platform allowing anyone to start and scale an online business, it is geared towards selling one-time purchases and not subscriptions.

Until January of 2016, Chargify offered a Shopify app that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs build successful businesses managing millions in recurring revenue. The decision to deprecate Chargify’s Shopify app* was not an easy one, but we did it to make way for something bigger and better.

* Note: Existing customers using the deprecated app will not be affected and can continue to use it without interruption. If you are interested in migrating to the newer app, we provide step-by-step instructions below.

Introducing Chargify Accounts by eShopAdmin

Chargify partnered with Shopify app extraordinaires eShopAdmin to improve the existing “Chargify Accounts” app. Since their team specializes in Shopify apps and has a deep understanding of Chargify, they are able to build and maintain a more seamless app that bridges the two platforms.

eShopAdmin’s product reviews are a testament to the quality of their apps. The updated “Chargify Accounts” app includes features and functionality that were requested but not available in Chargify’s previous app. We believe the improved functionality will help Chargify customers achieve no-fuss, recurring billing succes. Check out the new app here.

Feature Overview

Sync & Publish Products: Quickly create your products/plans in Chargify and then sync them to your Shopify store. You’ll be ready to sell subscriptions in no time.


Automate Workflows: When renewals or new subscriptions occur, the orders are automatically created in Shopify. You don’t have to do a thing.


Free Customer Service Resources: Your customers can see a list of their subscriptions within their account and stay up-to-date on their subscription status. The self-service option also allows them to cancel if desired. You free up your customer service resources and your subscribers enjoy a simple and convenient user experience.

Breakdown Add-Ons: If you use Chargify components for add-on options, the product and individual components will display as line-items. This makes fulfilling orders much more intuitive. For example, if you sell a monthly chocolate subscription but have the option to add a speciality bar each month. Double yum!

Customize Order Naming: You can specify any prefix for the name of the Shopify order. In addition, it will use the Chargify unique SubscriptionID with “signup,” “renewal,” etc., to make identifying order quick and convenient.


The team also plans to add the following features based on user demand. If you have any additional questions or requests, please reach out to

  • Map Chargify products/components to Shopify variants
  • Allow multiple Chargify subdomains to be synched with a single Shopify store
  • Allow multiple Shopify stores to be updated by a single Chargify subdomain
  • [Update: Completed] Allow your customers to change products/components and update billing/shipping information from within their Shopify customer account
  • Allow your customers to pause (not cancel) their subscription

Already Have Subscribers? How to Migrate  

Whether you’re looking to switch your business to Shopify or you’re using the older, deprecated Chargify Shopify app, migrating to the new Chargify Accounts app is easy:

Switching to Shopify: This path assumes you have a Chargify account with active products/subscriptions…

  1. Create a shopify account and install the Chargify Accounts app by eShopAdmin
  2. Follow the main setup instructions to configure the app and Chargify
  3. Via the Shopify app, sync your Chargify products to Shopify
  4. Add photos, descriptions, etc. to the synced Chargify products in Shopify
  5. Sync your customer. The Chargify Accounts app gives you the option to sync customers manually or sync all customers.

Migrating to Chargify Accounts by eShopAdmin: If you’re currently using the deprecated Chargify Shopify app and would like to migrate the new Chargify Accounts app to take advantage of the added features…

  1. Have deprecated Chargify Shopify app running
  2. Install and configure the new Chargify Accounts app by eShopAdmin, but don’t turn on order flow
  3. Sync and publish Chargify products in new app, but keep them hidden in Shopify
  4. Add photos, descriptions, etc. to the newly synced Chargify products in Shopify
  5. Hide old products and unhide the new products
  6. Turn on order flow in new app
  7. Uninstall the deprecated Chargify Shopify app

If you’re just starting out and want to build a subscription-based business on Shopify, you can be up-and-running in an hour. Sign up for Chargify > sign up for Shopify > install the Chargify Accounts Shopify app > create and sync your products > start selling and earning recurring revenue!

Please note that Chargify is not affiliated with eShopAdmin, and eShopAdmin is a registered trademark of eShopAdmin, Inc.