Announcing Customizable HTML Dunning Emails

by Adam Feber

Over the past few months, the Chargify team has been hard at work making enhancements to our dunning tools for optimal revenue recovery. From preconfigured dunning strategies to customizable dunning frequencies, Chargify customers can easily configure a dunning strategy that will increase revenue through reduced churn.

Today, we’re happy to announce another dunning enhancement that will improve customer-facing communications – customizable HTML dunning emails!

We implemented the same HTML email editor that’s used for system emails such as your welcome emails, end of trial emails, renewal emails, etc. into the dunning settings.


Previously, dunning emails were basic text. They worked well but were not as customizable. Now you can create/apply layout templates and edit emails using HTML. The result is beautiful, brandable emails that you can be proud of. And if you already had templates created for other system emails, they are now available for your dunning emails!

To access the new dunning email editor:

  • Visit your Site’s Settings tab > Retries and Dunning section
  • Click on the edit icon for any existing email (or create a new step with an email)
  • Click on the edit icon within the email subject box

From within the editor, you can:

  • Apply an existing layout
  • Edit an existing layout
  • Create a new layout
  • Modify the from address and subject line
  • Edit the email using dynamic fields and HTML
  • Preview and edit test data
  • Send a preview email to your inbox

For more information on using Chargify’s HTML email editor, check out:

In this update, we also added the ability to clone existing dunning steps. By clicking on the clone icon for any existing step, you will create an exact copy (including emails if applicable) that can be edited independently of the cloned original.

Now that we have made it easier to get started with a dunning strategy, customize the frequency, and send beautiful emails, we’re working on reporting. Soon you will be able to see exactly how much revenue your dunning strategy is recovering! Stay tuned.

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