Hosted signup pages are now called public signup pages. Outside of renaming this feature, we released configuration improvements that allow merchants to have more fine grained control of their public signup pages. Read on to learn how these improvements affect the way you create and configure public signup pages.

New Location

The public signup page URL is no longer located under the main Products subtab within the Setup page. You will now see a Public Signup Pages subtab that is the new hub to view and edit existing pages and create new pages.

Since the URL structure of the public signup pages has changed, existing pages from before this release will have the “Legacy URL” displayed. Don’t worry, all of your existing pages will remain live and unaffected.

Creating New Public Signup Pages [Important]

Public signup pages are no longer created by default when a new product is created. When you create a new product, and want to use one of Chargify’s public signup pages, you will visit the new Public Signup Pages subtab > click on the “Create Public Signup Page” button > select the desired product and configure the page.

New Features You’ll Love

Previously, you could only globally define the settings for signup pages but now you can customize each page individually. You will still configure the default settings for public pages under the main Settings tab. When creating new public signup pages, you now have the option to use the defaults settings or a different configuration. For existing pages, you can go in and edit these settings at anytime.

What does this mean? All signup pages do not have to be configured the same, and you can customize the following options for each page:

– Page title
– Logo
– Home link, privacy policy, and term and conditions URLs
– Custom CSS and Javascript
– Enable CAPTCHA
– Accepted card types
– Require payment method, billing address, and shipping address at signup
– Calendar billing date
– Enable SSL badge
– Enable coupon field
– Custom fields
– Available components
Learn more about these settings

Also, you can now create multiple public signup pages for the same product allowing you to create different pages with different configurations as mentioned above. This can come in handy if you want to use a different signup page for a promotion or want to a/b test variables such as the design or if payment method is required at signup or not.

We hope you enjoy the improvements! For more information, check out the public pages documentation. If you have any questions, Chargify support is happy to help out.

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