Chargify’s built-in referrals feature has helped drive thousands of signups for our customers. We’re happy to announce an improvement that makes using referrals much simpler.

  • Previously: Customers had to share a unique referral sign up page URL
  • Update: Similarly to coupon codes, referral codes can now be manually entered on public sign up pages – no custom URL required

Why does this matter? It streamlines the ways you can communicate your referral program with customers, how customers can share referral codes, and how referrals are redeemed. Keep reading to find out how.

How to enable referral codes on public sign up pages:

If you are not already using Chargify’s referral feature, you can enable it by visiting the Referrals page via your Site’s Setup tab:


Once enabled, click on Public Sign Up Pages. When you edit your public sign up pages, you will now see a “Display referral field?” option:


Enable, save and repeat for each desired public sign up page. For pages with this option enabled, the referral code field will be displayed:



  • If both coupon codes and referral codes are enabled on the same public sign up page, the field label will display “Coupon or referral code:” and use the same field.
  • If you use Chargify’s API instead of public signup pages, you can still accept referral codes using the Subscription#create API endpoint and ref parameter. Click here for more details.
  • Whether you use public sign up pages or the API, an invalid referral code will result in an error.

How to share referral codes with customers:

The previous method of sharing a unique referral signup URL still works, but is a bit clunky. Below are some examples of how you can now easily communicate your referral program and codes to your customer base:

Chargify System Emails:
There are various system email templates you can configure through Chargify. Use {{subscription.referral_code}} in any Chargify email to dynamically display your customer’s unique referral code.

Third Party Email Marketing:
You can export your customer list, with referral codes, to be uploaded and used with email marketing services like MailChimp or Constant Contact.

In-App Messaging:
Pass referral codes to systems like Intercom and use in-app messaging to promote your referral program.

To track the progress of referral signups, visit the Referrals page via your Site’s Setup tab and click on the View Referral History button.

For more information on configuring and using Chargify’s referrals feature, check out the Referrals Documentation.

Got any referral program tips & tricks? We’d love to hear them in the comments below.