It’s been a few months since we closed an investment from Mark Cuban, and we’ve been busy expanding our organization, growing our software, and adding merchants!

A lot of great things are in the works. Some things are invisible, like better infrastructure, and some will be very visible and will help our merchants do things they’re going to love!

And I’m honored to be a business mentor for the 2012 TechStars Cloud program in San Antonio, Texas. I was at their open house last week and it was great to meet a room full of entrepreneurs, other mentors, and all of the great folks from TechStars and Rackspace who are making this happen.

These kinds of events help us stay connected to the needs of startups. And it’s great to see people pursuing their ideas and, quite possibly, developing new companies and employing people across the country and in San Antonio.

If you’re interested in TechStars Cloud, check out the link above or hit up @seats on Twitter… he co-founded SliceHost several years ago and now he heads up TechStars Cloud. The program is meant for people who are building pieces of the cloud itself… not just running on the cloud, but actually building pieces of the cloud… see their site for more details.

And, finally, if you like pics, here’s a collection of pics from last week… mostly a group of us touring San Antonio in our cowboy hats! But a few of the pics are actually at the great Geekdom space that hosted the event.