A New View To Track Free Subscribers & Free To Paid Conversions

by Adam Feber

Many SaaS businesses leverage some sort of free offer such as a freemium product or free trial to drive traffic, product adoption, referrals, and hopefully, more paid conversions. 

While free offers can be—and have been—a massive growth lever for many, the only way to know for certain is with analytics designed to watch subscribers passing through these free offers.  

Free Subscriber Analytics is our newest view that provides visibility into movements created by subscribers entering and exiting your free offers funnel. ????????

Movements are broken down by the following subscription events for any given timeframe:

  • New Free Subscribers: How many subscribers signed up for a freemium product or free trial.
  • Cancellations: How many subscribers on a freemium product canceled their account or their trial expired.
  • Conversions: How many subscribers on a freemium product or free trial converted to a paid plan. When a free subscriber converts to paid, the Free Subscriber Count is reduced, and their activity continues through our Paid Subscribers Analytics.  

Product Filters Provide Deeper Insights

Like most of the views within our Analytics Suite, you can use the Product Filters to isolate the Free Subscriber Analytics by any product or set of products within your product catalog.

For example, if you just want to analyze movements for a certain freemium product or product(s) with a paid trial, you can use the Product Filters to answer product-specific questions.

There’s More To Come…

This release lays the foundation for much more to come. Two of the most notable roadmap items include:

  • Breaking Out Freemium & Trial Data: As mentioned above, you can use Product Filters to isolate this data, but we want to make it as easy to possible by providing movements for both freemium and trial products—sans filters. 
  • Conversion Rate Calculations: Add in conversions rates for both free to paid and trial to paid that will tie paid conversions back to the signup date for real-time, precise paid conversion rate calculations.

If you have any other suggestions for future improvements, we would love to hear them. Let us know in the comments below. 

Getting Started

The new Free Subscriber Analytics is out and ready for you to use. 

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