If you have ever needed to charge your customers for fractional quantities like 5.5 hours or 2.25GB storage, it is now easy with Chargify’s updated component allocations. Fractional quantities can be enabled on both metered-usage and quantity-based components.  Allocations can be recorded up to 4 decimal places.

If you are not familiar with Chargify’s component billing options:

Metered components: Allows you to track usage in a metered manner such as hours used per month. You report usage, and Chargify calculates the correct charges. Usage resets to 0 at the beginning of every period.

Quantity-based components: Allows you to charge per unit of something such as $25/user/month. The pricing structures that can be per-unit, tiered, volume, or stairstep. Does not reset to 0 every period like metered.

This update lets companies simplify their component billing structure by using larger units that can be broken down in fractions. For example, now you can charge by the hour instead of by the minute or per GB of storage instead of per MB of storage.

To learn more about creating, configuring, and enabling components, check out our components documentation.

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