UPDATE: The blog below was originally published in 2011. For up-to-date information on creating and redeeming coupons within Chargify, please visit the “Product Coupons” section of our convenient help guide. 

We’re here to help! If you have questions about using coupons with your specific recurring billing scenario please contact us directly.

Original post:

As promised, here is our post on the ins and outs of coupons within Chargify.  Many merchants seem to be confused about when you can and can’t use a coupon.  With Chargify, you can create one-time coupons to give your customers a discount at signup.  Currently, coupons can only be used during the initial creation of the subscription and cannot be used during or to extend a free trial period.  After the coupon is applied, customers will be charged the normal amount at the next assessment.

Types of coupons

Chargify allows you to create two types of coupons: amount coupons and percentage coupons.  An amount coupon gives your customer a flat dollar amount discount while a percentage coupon gives your customer a discount equal to a specified percentage of the product’s base price.

Creating a coupon

Creating a coupon is easy, all you have to do is click the “create coupon” link in the Chargify dashboard.

A coupon consists of 5 pieces of information:

  1. Name: A name for the coupon.  The name will not be displayed to your customers.
  2. Coupon Code: The code that customers will enter to redeem the coupon.
  3. Description: A description of the coupon that can be displayed to customers.
  4. Amount or Percentage Discount: The dollar amount or percentage discount off of the product’s base price.
  5. Expiration date: Coupons will no longer be redeemable after this date.

Once created, coupons are added to the Product Family from the Products tab and can be shared across all products in the Product Family.

Redeeming a coupon

A coupon can be redeemed in admin interface or via the hosted payment page.  To apply a coupon in the admin interface, simply enter the coupon code and create the subscription. Customers can apply their coupon through the hosted payment page (if you enable the coupon code field to be shown) simply by entering the coupon code into the correct field before placing their order.

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