Drip is marketing automation software that allows you to configure and send customized, automated emails to marketing, trial users, and paying customers.

Drip recently completed an integration with Chargify, and we know a number of Chargify merchants will find their service very useful.

This is a guest blog post from Drip’s founder, Rob Walling.

After receiving multiple requests this year to send emails based on events in Chargify, we decided to support Chargify webhooks, allowing Chargify to trigger emails (and many other actions) in Drip, such as:

  • Subscribe someone to a Drip campaign (campaign = a sequence of emails)
  • Remove someone from a Drip campaign
  • Apply or remove a tag
  • Send a one-off email
  • Set a custom field
  • Record an event
  • Record a goal conversion

When any of the following events occur in your Chargify account:

  • Failed or successful signup
  • Failed or successful renewal
  • Failed or successful payment
  • Billing date change
  • Subscription state or product change
  • Expiring card
  • Customer updated
  • Upgrade/downgrade success or failure
  • Refund success or failure
  • Upcoming renewal notice
  • End of trail notice

The Setup

For how powerful this integration is, it’s pretty simple to setup:

Step 1: Retrieve your webhook URL from Drip

In your Drip account, go to Settings->Integrations, click “Chargify” and copy your webhook URL:

Step 2: Add the webhook URL to your Chargify settings

  1. Login to Chargify, choose your site and go to Settings->Webhooks.
  2. Check “Send Webhooks to my Webhook URL(s).”
  3. Click “Add URL” and paste in your Drip webhook URL.
  4. Click “Configure” and enable only the events that you would like to send to Drip.

Any time Drip receives data from Chargify, it will automatically add the customer as a subscriber (if they are not already in your account) and record an event for that subscriber in Drip.

Step 3: Set up your automation rules

For example, if you want to tag new customers in Drip, create an automation rule with a trigger for the Signup success event and an action to apply the “Customer” tag. Below is a complete mapping of Chargify events to Drip custom events.

A full list of Chargify webhook events is shown on the Chargify docs site.