Yes, Chargify supports a metered billing pricing model.  Chargify gives you the ability to charge for your product on a per-usage basis.

For metered components, you tell us every time one of your customers uses some unit or units of your “widget”. The usage of these metered components will be tallied throughout the billing cycle and the charge is seamlessly integrated as a line item on your customers’ next invoice.

At the end of the billing period, Chargify will bill your customer for the total number of widgets used, and then we will reset the widget count to zero and the whole process starts over for the new billing period.


• An email gateway provides 1000 credits per period, but allows you to send over your credit limit at a cost of $0.10 per email per period
• A hosting company that charges for hours of compute time at a certain cost per hour

Note that metered components are different from quantity-based components, as quantity-based components DO NOT reset to zero at the start of every billing period. If you want to bill for a quantity of something that does not change unless you change it, then you want quantity components, instead.

Create metered components:

Setting up your metered components is quick and easy. To create metered components in Chargify, you simply select create a “metered component” and then define it using the form provided.  Once a metered component is created, it will appear under the product family on the products tab.  To make changes to your component, simply click the “edit component” link.

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