UPDATE: The blog below was originally published in 2014. Since that time, additional improvements and customization options have been added to Chargify’s Custom Email Templates. For updated information please visit the communication section of our help docs.

Original post:

For some time now merchants have been asking for more control over the emails that get sent to their customers. In the past couple of months we have been working very hard on doing just that. Today we’re happy to announce Custom Email Templates.

Custom Email templates provide the ability for you to control the look and feel of the email communications that get sent to your customers from Chargify. This opens up marketing and branding avenues that were not previously available.

Chargify custom emails

To begin, we combined the email settings into a single pane on the settings page. Here you can configure which emails get sent and to whom they get sent. This page also acts as the jumping off point for configuring the content and design of emails.

custom email templates chargify

Each email contains an ‘Edit Template’ button that launches our new email template editor. We call this the Composer.  Here you can define the from address, subject and body content of the email and see a live preview of what the email will look like.

recurring billing customize emails

The body content of the email, which now supports markdown, is wrapped in a Layout. A layout is a container that the body content gets added to. A typical layout might contain a logo and branding information at the top and helpful links and social media icons at the bottom. Layouts are reusable, so once defined they can be applied to other emails as well.

chargify custom emails to subscribers

You can use composer now to edit all customer facing emails except for dunning emails. We plan on adding support for dunning emails in the near future. We hope you enjoy the addition of HTML emails as much as we do, it has been a delight to work on the feature.

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