If you haven’t noticed yet, Chargify Dunning strategies just got a whole lot more customizable! Our latest release gives you more control over how long failed renewals are retried, and what action to take at every step along the way.

How it used to be…

The old Chargify dunning strategies lacked the ability to truly customize when customer communications were sent. Either you had us send the dunning emails or you didn’t. Either way, failed renewals would trigger retries for either 14 or 21 days, at which point the subscription would always be automatically canceled if no successful payment was made.

The new way…

You decide! We’ve renamed the Settings tab for Dunning to “Retries and Dunning” and broken the configuration into two logical sections: Retries and Final Action and Dunning.

In Retries and Final Action, you can choose how many times you want to retry the failed renewal before the subscription is either canceled or marked as unpaid. For example, now you can choose to simply mark the subscription as unpaid after the first failed renewal attempt and manage subsequent retries yourself. Optionally, you can choose to send the customer an email at the end of this retry period, and you can even BCC yourself.

Under Dunning, you can configure periodic dunning emails that can be sent to your customer at any point in the retry process up until the retry period ends. The content of these emails has always been configurable, but when they were sent was not. Now you’re in control!

This feature is intended to give you more control over how you interact with your customers, and hopefully allow you to manage the dunning process in a manner that is better aligned with your business practices. Let us know what you think on Twitter or here in the comments.

More detailed documentation is available here: Chargify Dunning Documentation

Also, the new ‘unpaid’ subscription state is documented: Chargify Subscription Unpaid State Documentation