As part of our new customer spotlight series, we will be featuring Chargify customers who we think deserve to have the spotlight on them for the day.  This series is our way of giving back and saying thank you to all of our customers. Stay tuned for more customer spotlights each month.

In this month’s customer spotlight we are featuring Commendable Kids.  Commendable Kids was our runner up in the “Chargify: Most Potential to Monetize” challenge at the Rails Rumble back in October.

Commendable Kids is the result of a weekend long web application development competition in which teams had 48 hours to design, develop, and deploy the best web property they could using Ruby and Rails. Now, 5 months later, Commendable Kids is still around and doing great things.

What is Commendable Kids?

Commendable Kids was designed to allow parents, grandparents, teachers and others to encourage, motivate and reward young children through the use of badges.  With Commendable Kids, you can register a child so that they can start receiving badges for their hard work, goals achieved, skill developments, and milestones, basically anything you think a child deserves recognition for! There are over 90 badges to choose from.

You can even invite others such as friends, family members, and teachers to participate.  By becoming a fan of the child, others can encourage and high five (virtually of course) the children for their hard work and accomplishments.

Have a child that you don’t get to see often? This is a great way to stay up to date with all of their achievements.  You can see their recent activity on their page or sign up to receive notifications when the child receives a badge.

Where are they going?

Commendable Kids is currently still in its startup phase but we see great potential in this company.  For those with young children, this is the perfect way to get your kids excited about not only achieving their goals and learning new things, but also getting them thinking about things they can improve on and how to be a better person.  According to Brian Burridge, founder of Commendable Kids, kids are now excited about doing good deeds and are going out of their way to do something great in order to receive a badge.  Talk about motivating children!

Commendable Kids is currently participating in the TechStars Startup Madness competition.  They are one of 64 startups chosen to compete in this competition and have successfully made it to the third round of voting. Think they deserve to advance to the next round? Give them your vote!

To learn more about Commendable Kids check out their site, or follow them on Twitter.

Stay tuned for more customer spotlights each month!